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Hector's House Image Hector's House Image


Hector's House

A torrid tale of Trojans, togas and taramasalata. When Paris nicked off with Helen, who would have dreamed of all the fuss that was to follow? A cast of three actors, with a little help from the audience recreate the legend.

Meet Agamemnon, Menelaus, Philoctetes and a host of other unpronounceable characters. But perhaps less familiar will be Ajax, he of the very white toga and his brothers Vim and Jif…

Projected high above the action on a satellite link-up are the Gods, Zeus and his forgetful secretary Amnesia.

The audience are variously the Greek and Trojan armies and are asked to assist in the launching of a thousand ships.

There are also handy hints - how to lace your sandals to stop them flopping down your leg, how to keep your toga crease free and how to explain in a tactful way that in a hot-headed moment you've slain your wife's family.

Directed by Mark Chatterton
Designed by Richard Foxton
Music by Mark Vibrans.

"A stroke of genius"

-The Guardian.

"Packed with comic invention of a rare and gentle kind, totally good natured and disarmingly innocent…a unique style of comedy, it's what they do and they do it superbly. Rib-achingly funny"

- Manchester Evening News.